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Afghan Research Society is dedicated to
encouraging multidisciplinary research on
Afghanistan and Afghan issues.
Peace Proposal for Afghanistan
Afghanistan has suffered a state of continuous war for three decades. Among these years of war the present war launched by the US and NATO allies under the pretext that Afghanistan was responsible for the attack of September 11, 2001 on the US that killed some 3,000 innocent individuals has turned in to a most devastating experience for the Afghan people and Afghanistan with no end in sight. ... read more

The War on Freedom of the Press
Since1993, 21 cases in which the person or persons who ordered a journalist’s death
have been arrested and prosecuted.  That means that in 94 % of cases, those who
murder journalists do so with impunity….....
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The Afghan Refugees and IDPs in 2006
For the past five years most references from the international organizations and many governments about the refugee situation in Afghanistan call the fact that some 3.5 million refugees have returned from Pakistan and Iran a great policy success. ... read more

The Russian Government is Responsible for War Damages
Despite the catastrophic losses inflicted upon the Afghan people and Afghanistan by
the Russian invasion of December 27,1979, a bizarre demand has emerged from the
Russian government asking some $9.8 billion from Afghanistan in the post US led
coalition attack of October 7, 2001 and the toppling of the Taliban government.....     
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New Petroleum Discoveries, Past Lessons
The US Geological Survey has been conducting surveys of  northern Afghanistan for
the past four years to ascertain whether there are significant petroleum resources in
the northern provinces for commercial exploitation beyond what was discovered by the
Afghans and the Russians years ago.....
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Kinship: Idiomatic
The study of any aspect of women in Afghanistan poses two important constraints.
First, there are not reliable data about the population........
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Dear Prime Minister Fekuda:
We in the Afghan Diaspora hear that your government is mulling over about possible
military involvement in Afghanistan. That would be extremely unfortunate. The Afghan
people are suffering from thirty years of war and especially from the second invasion in
a generation. Many of the facts of this war are not known to the ........
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Dear Secretary Scheffer:
We are writing about the urgent matter on the proposed strategy formulation by NATO
toward Afghanistan during your April, 2008 meetings. We are deeply concerned that
those who advocate more long term fighting against the Afghan people’s wishes and
in support of conditions that cannot ........
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The US Supreme Court’s Latest Decision
On June 12th, 2008 the US Supreme Court in a majority ruling handed down a
decision which provided the right of habeas corpus for the detainees in the
Guantanamo Bay prison, the right to have their cases heard in a civilian court. The
detainees that ........
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