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Mr.Yasuo Fekuda
Prime Minister of Japan                                                  June 9, 2008

Dear Prime Minister Fekuda:Re:

We in the Afghan Diaspora hear that your government is mulling over about possible
military involvement in Afghanistan. That would be extremely unfortunate. The Afghan
people are suffering from thirty years of war and especially from the second invasion in
a generation. Many of the facts of this war are not known to the outside world which is
turned into a war against the majority people of Afghanistan and has brought deep
seated effects on the people that are suffering from 40-60% unemployment, over 53%
poverty level, over 22% inflation, wide spread child labor with 60,000 children of school
age working to survive right in Kabul alone, and some seven million children
throughout Afghanistan also working causing high illiteracy rate among the 15-24 age
reported by the UN. These and other conditions such as wide spread corruption and
abuse of the people by the warlords have been brought by years of war, incompetent
regime, and neglect by the countries that have invaded Afghanistan despite much
rhetoric to the contrary promising humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in
several conferences from Tokyo to Paris for the past seven years.
Examples of extreme conditions in Afghanistan are many that we see on Afghan run
satellite TV stations from Kabul, Germany and the US which the rest of the world do not
see. Since you might be going to the Paris donors conference on Afghanistan on June
12, 2008 you may want to ask Hamed Karzai about this story: a couple in Mazar-e-
Sharif in the north of Afghanistan sold their four and a half month daughter for $10 to
feed their other children. Karzai heard about this tragic story and he bought the child
back for her parent. A 12 year old boy hanged himself in Kabul because for many
weeks he could only find stale bread to eat that was meant for animal feed and this
boy was the family income earner. These two incidents have shocked the whole
Afghan nation. A couple in Samongon after eating grass for many days died and eight
children are left behind with no one to take care of them. There are tens of thousands
of internally displaced persons in Afghanistan due to the war and drought conditions.
These are some of the cases of economic crisis and crisis in the management of the
affairs of Afghanistan which have been broadcasted during May 2008 alone. There is
severe drought conditions in many parts of Afghanistan. Further, despite many
conferences and promises of multi billion assistance there has been marked failure
on the part of the regime in Kabul and its international backers that have been also
repeatedly broadcasted by the Afghan satellite TV stations around the world. Yet, after
seven years of war and heavy bombardments the US Intelligence Agency reported that
70% of the territory of Afghanistan is outside the control of the central government. This
was not the case five years ago which the international community was trying to gain
the confidence of the Afghan people. Since then much neglect and abuse of the people
has taken place.
We have repeatedly argued that war is not the solution to the problems in Afghanistan.
Our organization, Afghan Research Society, has written to the NATO Secretary on
March 28, 2008 before the Bucharest meetings. We would like to repeat the same
message before the Paris meeting on Afghanistan and seek your support to help stop
the war in Afghanistan and allocate the same resources to the care of the people.
Democracy can be established through the will and full support of the Afghan people,
not through bombing defenseless villages and villagers. Over 60% of the Afghan
people demand that the conflict be resolved through peaceful means according to a
survey by BBC in 2008, and we fully support the will of the Afghan people. We would
like the international community to respect the will of the Afghan people and stop
imposing alien conditions on the people which they will continue to reject. Thank you
for your consideration and support to bring peace, through peaceful negotiations and
improved economic conditions for Afghanistan which has suffered from foreign
imposed wars for decades.

M.Siddieq Noorzoy
Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Director, Afghan Research Society
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