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Afghan Research Society
What's New?
Please visit the 'articles' section of our page, where we frequently add new articles
dedicated to Afghanistan.  We also added links to various libraries for research
oriented individuals. This provides one stop shopping for knowledge.
Why did we establish Afghan Research Society ?
Multi-disciplinary research on Afghanistan has suffered much setback during the past
thirty years due to the effects of wars causing brain drain from Afghanistan and
disinterest on the part of the wider world public.
During the 1970's research efforts were beginning to flourish due to the many changes
inside Afghanistan which focused the interests of the outside world on the country, and
the intense competition between the US and the former Soviet Union.....
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What do we offer ?
We hope to have an open forum for reporting new research by the members and also
to invite others to report their research topics, and results for posting on our web site.
Details on these will follow.
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Afghan Research Society is dedicated to
encouraging multidisciplinary research on
Afghanistan and Afghan issues.